Me in a Nutshell

Hello! I'm Joyce. I'm a personal organizing assistant.

I work with creative people who get weighed down by the boring stuff when it comes to business.

Stuff like email, scheduling, looking things up, and working with spreadsheets and data. That's my JAM. So my clients and I, well... we get along pretty well.

Learn more about me here.

My Skills

  1. Organizing 100%
  2. Managing 90%
  3. Researching 80%
  4. Systems and Automation 90%
Hand me anything messy or disorganized, and I'll give it back to you completely transformed. In the absolute, best way possible.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing that is too messed up, too complicated, or too "all over the place" for me. So if you have anything like that going on, email me immediately. I'll get you sorted out, right as rain.

  • Holy sh*tballs! I am such a visual learner and I was feeling so behind and lost until I started working with our talented and clearly brilliant Joyce Akiko!- Belinda Ginter
  • Your work is extremely high quality. You are succinct, to the point, thorough, and thoughtful. The support you provide is invaluable, giving your clients insights and results that they don't even realize until after the fact!- B. Brewer
  • I am so jonesing to watch you for a day or step inside your head to see how you do it all... and then try to absorb through osmosis.- Lori Smith
  • I can't wait to do more work with you. You are a true joy in every sense of the word!- Christina DeBusk