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About the Blueprint Builders

I'm Joyce, and I automate business processes. Processes like onboarding a new team member or client, screening leads and prospects... the possibilities are endless and your automated workflows are tailor made. My clients have a professional business to run. There is ZERO room for error. So I build foolproof workflows that loop in your systems and auto directs your team.

What would it be like...

If your people were completely coordinated, your processes and workflows automated, and your systems connected? If you weren't paying your staff to do busywork-- because they had a solid, automated blueprint that tells them exactly what to do, and now they can focus on tasks that have make a direct impact on your bottom line and push out high-quality client deliverables? Let's find out. Schedule a free, 15-minute call to see if we're the right fit.

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  • Joyce identifies the problems and bottlenecks in my business and clears off my plate with systems and automation… and that way I get to focus on building my ideas and making them come to reality. She's amazing! - Kimra Luna
  • Joyce Akiko started at a list of my tools, moved to my processes, moved to my team and piece by piece she unraveled a decade of what I had strung together and awkwardly built that somehow was this international marketing company with 18 employees. She took all the pieces and built them back as a solid foundation. Each day I noticed things being done by my team that I truly was no longer a part of.- Cara Parrish
  • Joyce is great at taking complicated business processes and transforming them. She identifies unnecessary, repetitive tasks and designs automations to reduce human error, helping businesses run more efficiently!- Lydia Martin