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In 90 days, I come in and clean up a specific, targeted area of frustration with one of your existing processes... and I clean it up by identifying bottlenecks, eliminating repetition, and tying together automation and systems.

Hi there! I’m Joyce Akiko

I work with creative visionaries

Business owners with brilliant ideas spilling out of them left and right, and a vision to serve

But no time to IMPLEMENT

They’re high level. Their brain is up there and they don’t want to be bothered by the little details. They just want to hire people to handle that crap so they don’t need to worry about it.

Their DREAM world is for someone to say, “Hey! You have a speaking engagement on Tuesday and here’s your new guest for the Friday podcast… and that’s all you have to do.

No more tiny details. No more prospects slipping through the cracks. No more panicked moments behind the scenes at the most crucial times when you have a professional business to run.

Does this sound like you?



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If your answer is HELL YES! ...Perfect.

You and I are yin and yang. I don't have a speck of creativity in me... but I love me some systems. Heck, I play with spreadsheets for fun. I'm 100% one of those "numbers" people. So your area of genius blows my mind.

But I'm the systems and tech fairy godmother, ready to wave my magic wand and fix everything up. With our super powers combined, you can focus on YOUR special brand of genius.

Being the creative visionary. Turning brilliant ideas into reality, and doing it all without sacrificing your client relationships or primary source of revenue... without feeling like you're spinning plates while riding a unicycle backwards. You really CAN "have it all".

Let me show you how.

The 90 Day Business Renovation

In 90 days, I’ll come into your business, take your systems and find all the inefficiencies and fix everything up into one beautiful, streamlined sales process…

 So ALL you have to do is show up for webinars, host podcasts, run masterminds, land speaking engagements… whatever YOU want to do to focus on your vision and reach more people. 

You don’t have to worry about anything else, because it’s cleaned up and automated. Simply done for you.

Part 1 of 3: The Tear Down
The Business Tear Down 33%

The Tear Down is where we uncover all the steps in your business that require your time and attention so they can be eliminated

First, we hone in on EXACTLY what you want to focus your time on— whether it’s hosting podcasts, hopping on webinars, throwing masterminds, or speaking from stages.

Next, we sit on a minimum of two, 90-minute calls so I can collect each and every precise step in every area of your business. Depending on your schedule, we will get these calls done quickly and out of the way, boom boom boom. 

After that, I go away and use the information we collected to create a highly detailed, visual map of all the areas of your business.

And then I find every single area where there’s a bottleneck so I can remove you from the spots where you’re holding your business back, where there can be automation, outsourcing, or optimizing.

In the map below, everything in BRIGHT RED can get fixed.

This map gives you a 360°, holistic view of ALL the areas of your business (are you running an online program while also providing 1-on-1 coaching, while also writing and launching a book?) AND every step taken to bring strangers into paying clients and raving fans… AND every single bottleneck or holdup that’s dragging your business down.

Want YOUR business to have ZERO red stickers all over the map? Keep reading

Part 2 of 3:The Systems Overhaul
The Systems Overhaul 66%

The Systems Overhaul is where you get the complete blueprint of the exact systems needed to get YOU out of your business… and into the world, focusing on your vision and reaching more people

I will go inside each of your current business systems and untangle the mess, finding out how all those systems actually connect so we can know how to BEST streamline and automate your business for you, in the most efficient way possible… based on the 360°, holistic view of ALL the areas of your business uncovered in Part 1.

The following diagram shows one of my client’s systems before she met me. As you can see, she was spending over $23k a YEAR on these systems… and didn’t even know she had more than half of them.


After I came in and fixed everything up… I was able to eliminate systems to simplify and downsize her brain when it came to all the confusing, overlapping systems… we SAVED her over $15k per year, and took monthly costs down from $2k to $650.



Fortunately for you, I am able to use that holistic view of your business from Part 1, and your current systems from this Part 2, to do deep research into what NEW systems can be added into your current repertoire… OR replace a few to simplify and consolidate… your world is complicated enough already, am I right?)

You have a professional business to run. You've been in business for so long that it's crazy that you don't have a solid system foundation to support everything you do

Somebody with your ideas and vision should have a professional foundation of systems working seamlessly with one another… instead of a bunch of systems simply trying to “hold it together” like a gorilla riding a tricycle backwards with parts flying off here and there.

In some cases, you may be happy already with the systems you have– you just don’t know how they talk to one another, or how to better automate them, or how to add new systems that “fit in” with the rest… and you’re tired of adding them willy-nilly. 

See the diagram below. These are all systems that the client wants to keep, with a few recommendations to remove systems to simplify and consolidate, and recommendations for NEW systems that fit in with the rest… perfectly.



After we conclude Part 2 of your renovation, you will have the complete, full blueprint of all your systems and how they connect with one another… highlighted areas of opportunity for those systems… and tailor made recommendations for new systems that can machine out your bottlenecks and manual works…

With a focus on simplifying and consolidating so you can FOCUS on the work you really want to do, without a hazy, unsettling and foggy understanding of what’s keeping it all together.

Part 3: Total Renovation
New Systems Implementation, Simply Done For You 100%

Because of all the GOALS and business DREAMS discovered during Part 1: Teardown and excavating every step of activity for every stream of income…

Because of all the systems untangling and tailor-made, hand picked new systems research during Part 2: Overhaul…

Now I am now able to fully transform every step in your business process (for every activity you do and every stream of income) by implementing the new systems discovered in Part 2.

All 3 parts come together, full circle, to create a beautiful, streamlined, efficient, automated, simplified and organized, SQUEAKY CLEAN business. 

In fact, everything in the map on the RIGHT that’s in green… has been taken off your plate.