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You’re the über creative, bursting-at-the-seams-with-energy type of entrepreneur that I flock to, like a moth to your (brilliant) flame.

Because I am anything BUT creative. I can’t do HALF the things you do. Your area of genius blows my mind.

But when it comes to linear thinking, numbers and logic? I’m your girl. I play with spreadsheets in my free time. I like databases. I set up systems for fun. I’m familiar with so many, that finding a new scheduling program feels like I’ve discovered Atlantis.

I’m the nerd who organizes emails from clients so I can click a folder and see all our interactions in one place. And you can bet those folders are color coded.

In fact, I may or may not have a desk that looks like this:

Yeah. I was THAT kid.

Organization clicks in my brain as naturally as the work that you love to do. The work that comes so naturally… you can’t believe you get paid to do it.

I live in the left hemisphere of the brain… and you, with your mind-boggling, effortlessly creative flow… you live in the right.

Explosive, colorful, and glorious.

Image created by Y&R, Israel for Mercedes, February 2011

And I don’t have an inkling on how you do it.

But whipping up a folder structure so you can find that information you need at a moment’s notice, instead of searching around when you have better things to do? I’m your girl.

I’m the left to your right.

I once spent a week researching every single project management system I could find. It was like taking a 5-day vacation… except instead of luxuriating in spa treatments, I was bathing in every system feature, signing up for demo accounts, toggling buttons and playing games like “how can I connect this system to a CRM?”

It was a blast.

The image below, on the left, shows a small portion of the spreadsheet I compiled.

And on the right– those are a client’s notes. He is a brilliant creative, the best at what he does.

He blew my mind as much as I blew his.

And I’ve had several other clients enjoy working with me as well.

You and I are like yin and yang.

Here’s how my super powers can amplify yours.

Hand me all the menial, repetitive, just-downright-boring crap that sucks up your time. I’ll be over here, organizing like a kid at Christmas, making a private game of how fast and accurately I can get everything done… and you’ll be over there, getting focused and down to business on what really matters.

How will it feel to finally know that all the time and energy you put into your business is being spent the right way?

This is where I come in.

1. Check your inbox and only see the emails you *need* to see.

I’ll be working in the background, answering FAQ, fielding requests, and running triage. If something needs your attention, it’ll be right where you need it. No more big, red, double-to-triple notifications on your mail app– just see what you need to see. Everything else is taken care of in a neat, professional and polished manner.

2. Glance at your calendar and show up. That’s it.

Don’t worry about scheduling or rescheduling appointments. All your meetings for the day, week, and month will right in front of you, without lifting a finger. Simply check your calendar and you’re good to go. The only thing you have to do today, is your thing. The thing you do best.

3. Forget all the different systems you have to log into. Just get paid.

All that clicking around, logging in and out, just to go from proposal to invoice to landing a paying client? I’ll take care of it. And nothing will fall through the cracks when I’m by your side— courteous follow ups will magically show up for unpaid, late, or disappearing prospects.

4. Watch as your clients keep coming back for more.

They already love you, why not work together again? Cut your sales time in half as I help you continue cultivating relationships with your past clients. Is it their birthday? Did they post an awesome win on Facebook? Do you have a new service or program that they’d love? Stay on top of mind as they get thoughtful notes and, if you’d like… handwritten notes, sent old-school style.

5. Get amazing testimonials that attract even the most hesitational prospects.

While we’re on the subject of cutting down on sales time… I’ll help you leverage the work you’ve already done to attract new clients without the heavy lifting. I know the right questions to craft the perfect, genuine description of what it’s like to work with you… a non-cookie-cutter account that persuades even the most skeptical prospect so you can land deals without even trying.

6. Know where to focus your new-found time so you can hit your goals every month.

Have a number in mind for this month’s profits? How about a number for new clients, booked consultations, or monthly membership subscriptions? I’ll collect and analyze all the data points so you know exactly how to steer the ship… and slam dunk those goals like they’re nothing. What can I say, it’s my speciality!


Picture this

You wake up in the morning, and your whole day stretches out before you.

You smile, because all you “have” to do… is what you love.

What you’re so naturally good at, you can’t believe you get paid to do it.

Sound good? Well… 

Welcome to your new everyday

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