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You’re the über creative, bursting-at-the-seams-with-energy type of entrepreneur that I flock to, like a moth to your (brilliant) flame.

Because I am anything BUT creative. I can’t do HALF the things you do. Your area of genius blows my mind.

But when it comes to spreadsheets, numbers, and systems? Lemme at it!

In fact, I play with spreadsheets in my free time. I freaking love databases. I set up systems for fun. I’m familiar with so many, that finding a new scheduling program feels like I’ve discovered Atlantis.

I’m the nerd who organizes emails from clients so I can click a folder and see all our interactions in one place. And you can bet those folders are color-coded.

In fact, I may or may not have a desk that looks like this:

Yeah. I was THAT kid.

Systems and technology click in my brain as easily as the work that YOU love to do. The work that comes so naturally… you can’t believe you get paid to do it.

I live in the left hemisphere of the brain… and you, with your mind-boggling, effortlessly creative flow… you live in the right.

Explosive, colorful, and glorious.

Image created by Y&R, Israel for Mercedes, February 2011

And I don’t have an inkling on how you do it.

But whipping up a fine-tuned, automated process so subscribers get the right emails for their stage in your funnel, go straight to the landing page and enter their payment info then get an instant welcome email with your product or access information… and become your next raving fan… without you having to lift a finger?

I’m your girl.

I’m the left to your right.

I once spent a week researching every single project management system I could find. It was like taking a 5-day vacation… except instead of luxuriating in spa treatments, I was bathing in every system feature, signing up for demo accounts, toggling buttons and playing games like “how can I connect this system to a CRM?”

It was a blast.

The image below, on the left, shows a small portion of the spreadsheet I compiled.

And on the right– those are a client’s notes. He is a brilliant creative, the best at what he does.

He blew my mind as much as I blew his.

And I’ve had several other clients enjoy working with me as well.

You and I are like yin and yang.

Here’s how my superpowers can amplify yours.

Bringing a fresh eye and knack for taking out the manual task trash, I’ll save you money as I analyze which systems you’re paying for and don’t need. I’ll save you time by eliminating manual tasks and automating everything you and your team don’t need to be doing. I’ll help you make more money, faster, by streamlining your sales process.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or finding your company too big for the stitched-up systems that are falling apart at the seams…

I’m here to save you time and money… and turn your company into a supercharged, ready-to-rumble machine.

1. Look at the week ahead and see a megaton of time opened up for you and your team.

Imagine all the repetitive, manual work simply… gone from your day. The stuff you have to do, even though you’re paying your VA by the hour to supposedly get it done for you. Not to mention all the manual work your team was doing, that you didn’t even know was wasting so much time!

What if there was no more task bloat because all the time-sucking work was automatically taken care of?

This is where I come in. I walk into companies, identify and eliminate the manual work, and streamline processes so every minute of free time is opened up, ready for what really needs to get done. New product launch? Monthly subscription group? Mastermind? Make it happen. You’ve got the time.

2. Close deals and boost your bottom line to record levels.

I’ll take your prospects, from coaching clients to new subscribers, and get them to the finish line in the fastest, most efficient way possible. I’ll dig into every step and detail to wipe out inefficiencies and implement systems to create a money-making machine.

Watch as strangers turn into customers faster than ever as they slide through your streamlined sales funnel like exuberant, can’t-wait-for-more kids at a water park.

Whether you’re selling products, monthly programs, online courses, or appointment slots… you’ll open your inbox to more purchase orders than ever.

3. Get built-for-you systems so you can stop teetering on a tightrope.

If your business is ready to level up or you want to do that in the future, I’ll put together the complete, grow-with-you stack of systems. I’ll take the systems you already have and make them talk and play nice with each other.

I’ll know whether you need all the bells and whistles and if you actually need to pay for them, and I’ll seamlessly build in the new systems you need to take it to the next level… without overwhelming you.

With your very own tech expert in your pocket, you can focus on doing what you love and growing your business.

And if your business is well advanced but wobbling along like a gorilla on a tricycle with parts flying off here and there…

Why, hello there! We’re going to be best friends.

I’ll come in and analyze what’s going on behind the scenes, seamlessly work with your employees, find and eliminate every inefficiency, and engineer a tailor-made, brand-spanking-new, perfectly sized stack of systems that can handle your company’s booming needs.

Your team can finally do their thing instead of wasting time wrangling systems you’ve far outgrown. And you can finally experience a business you enjoy instead of searching for the next chance to catch your breath.

No more slip-ups, lost deals, or panicked moments behind the scenes. Just a smooth operating, custom built sales and operations machine supporting your company and your customers.

Picture this

You wake up in the morning, and your whole day stretches out before you. You smile, because all you “have” to do… is what you love.

What you’re so naturally good at, you can’t believe you get paid to do it.

Your company has a smooth, well-oiled machine working in the background taking care of everything so you don’t need to worry about it.

The people you hired are working efficiently because all the manual work has been automated.

And your company is primed and ready to rocket your bottom line beyond the stratosphere.

Sound good? Well… 

Welcome to your new everyday

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