Joyce Akiko

People and DEI Excellence

People Ops, DEI-Focused Strategy, and Operations Expert

Find out how my 10 years of experience and obsession-driven People Ops and DEI, Human Resources, and Business Operations will transform your organization into a recognized leader in DEI and People Operations with data backing up your initiatives.

Become renowned for transforming the old-school way of management by ushering forth the future of work, where diverse, high-performing employees are recognized as critical to an organization’s success and thrive through intentional company cultures and DEI action!

As a multi-racial, multi-cultural individual, I happily watched as traditional HR shifted to the People Ops landscape as diversity, equality, and inclusion became a greater priority, as well as strong, company cultures  team members are ALL-IN, excited, and passionate about their about their company’s mission, vision, goals and values– and so committed that they never want to leave.

I strongly advocate that everyone, no matter what race, ethnicity, identity, and any disabilities are all created equal, that they bring unique perspectives to the world, with access to opportunities.

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Core Values That I Uphold

and bring to the table

Building and championing a culture of collaboration, honesty and trust, accountability, and transparency with DEI-focused values... and fun! All with policies and procedures that maintain legal compliance and regulations while building a diverse and inclusive team.

Supporting a zero-burnout culture with creative perks that attract high-performing team members, increases job satisfaction, enthusiasm and loyalty, and retention, while improving both physical and emotional health.

Using systems to monitor OKRs and KPIs so data-based decisions can be used to strategize improvements and create scalable processes across hiring, onboarding, compensation, compliance, performance management, and training.

If you also believe in:

• Building a new vocabulary around diversity, equity, and inclusion…
• Quantifying the impact of DEI on the business…
• Exploring social identity and its impact on our interactions…
• Heightening awareness of blind spots and biases…
• Listening actively and empathetically…
• Launching diverse task forces and committees…
• Establishing employee resource groups…
• Designing brave learning spaces…

… then I believe we would be a great fit and together we can build a thriving, diverse, and inclusive company with retention rates that directly impact the bottom line and contribute to a better, more equal world.

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Your Company's Results Are

Just A Step Away…

“I spent way more money over two years than I will ever admit to anyone but the IRS trying to solve this problem. Business owners, learn from my mistakes!
I hired 4 project managers, a business architect, a systems strategist, business coaches and no one actually helped my company create new processes that made our clients happier or our team more productive.

Most of it relied on me to implement everything. I was already in meetings for 6-8 hours a day. I was giving up my entire evening every night to try to piece together something I was advised to do. I started resenting the people I hired to fix my processes because I was so frustrated with all talk and no results.

Then, Joyce Akiko was referred to me. Everything changed. She took all the pieces and then built them back as a solid foundation. Each day I noticed things being done by my team that I truly was no longer a part of. They were fully on their own in a process they were excited about because they were the ones who had a say in how that process was created, not some overlord consultant coming in and forcing it on them. It was a beautiful thing.”

– Cara Parrish,

CEO of Cara Parrish Marketing
and Founder of Podcara

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