Soar with Systems and Support

Achieve freedom and make a bigger impact while doing what you love

My Mission

To help small business owners achieve freedom and make a bigger impact while doing what they love by streamlining operations, implementing efficient systems, and cultivating happy and productive teams.


I’m Joyce Akiko. I help visionary entrepreneurs and small business owners regain time and capacity with systems, automation, and high-performing team members.

I’ve helped businesses from 1-4,000 employees (including my own, and now as a Senior Consultant at Nurturely Work) with operations, talent, company culture, project management, and process management.

That’s a lot of stuff! If you’ve ever read the book Rocket Fuel, I’m an ‘Integrator’, through and through. 

I’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses, including:

  • Online Course Creators
  • Business and Life Coaches
  • Yoga Studios
  • Photographers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Recruiting Agencies
  • Tech Startups
  • Event Planners
  • Franchise Owners
  • Personality Assessment Developers
  • IT Service Management Companies
  • And many, many more

The themes of harmony in teams and strength based on solid system, principles, and processes have shown up over and over again, in each of the most successful companies I’ve worked for. 

See the possibilities

Shift out of the duct tape and scaffolding that served your business for years (that you've since outgrown), with scalable systems that play nice together.

Attract and retain top performing talent with data-driven strategies to increase performance and engagement without burnout or stepping on boundaries.

Regain time for activities that move the needle and make a difference through repeatable processes that fit the way you work, with automations that take care of repetitive tasks.

Watch as your biggest ideas turn into achievable projects with action steps, deadlines, and accountability for tangible results.


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