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Hi, I’m Joyce Akiko. I go by the pronouns she/her/hers. It’s great to meet you!

With 10+ years of Human Resources and People Operations experience, I can help your company become known as a top place to work with data-driven talent solutions for record-breaking retention and employee engagement.

Your company’s culture will attract high-performing, diverse talent that stays, and your day-to-day operations will be supported with learning and development, training and upskilling, recognition, growth plans, succession planning, and performance management. All backed with data to demonstrate results to key stakeholders, drive continuous improvement, and guide critical business decisions.

With a background in Human Resources and People Operations, I specialize in metrics-driven talent initiatives, particularly Learning & Development, along with performance management, in-person and remote training, succession planning, employee experience, career development, and employee engagement. I am adept at creating a company culture of continuous learning (and even hold a certification in doing so from the University of Pennsylvania!), aligning objectives with business strategy, and creating a diverse pipeline of high-performing leaders from within.

From Personal Development Plans (PDPs) customized to each employee, to full-scale training with multiple curriculum tracks on a Learning Management System (LMS), I take great care to craft an extraordinary experience for employees so they are supported and can thrive on their own terms, with data to back up the results on retention and engagement.

I hold a Master of Science from Villanova University in Human Resources Development and Business Statistics, a Specialization in Culture-Driven Team Building from the University of Pennsylvania, and am certified in Lean Leadership and Change Management from the John Academy, Root Cause Analysis by Six Sigma, Foundations in OKRs by the OKR Institute, and People Analytics by Wharton University.

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Core Values That I Uphold

and bring to the table

Building and championing a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, psychological safety, trust, accountability, and transparency with DEI-focused values... and fun!

Supporting a results-over-activity culture that attracts high-performing employees, increases job satisfaction, enthusiasm and loyalty, and retention, while improving both physical and emotional health.

Using systems to collect and analyze OKRs and KPIs so data-based decisions can be used to strategize improvements and create scalable processes across performance management, recognition, learning, and development.

“I highly recommend Joyce Akiko, who was the Head of People and Operations at my company, due to the exceptional results she brought to my team and company.

During her tenure with my firm, Joyce built a solid foundation through systems, processes, policies, and procedures, and implemented team development programs along with a full hiring and onboarding structure so we could expand our employee base to over 15 countries.

Joyce also designed and built an employee learning and development program with different learning curricula customized for each team member’s role and enrolled everyone on the team, which boosted our engagement and team onboarding process tremendously. She also built dashboards for data analysis and forecasting, helped manage the product development of an in-house SaaS tool, ran performance management through 360-degree surveys, and managed a group of 33 fully remote people. On top of that, operating costs went down 23% month by month because of all the new efficiencies from her optimized systems and processes. 

She was an excellent fit for our company culture: collaborative, strategic, data-oriented, enthusiastic, and conscientious. I was impressed with her proactive nature and ability to come up with creative solutions, in addition to her positive growth mindset and receptiveness to feedback. It was a sad day when we had to let Joyce go due to some restructuring. She was a tremendous asset to the team and her impact still resonates, years later.

I cannot recommend Joyce enough due to her expertise, innovative people solutions, and data-driven results”

– Cara Parrish,

CEO of The Hedy Society
and Founder of Podcara

If you also believe in:

  • Providing continuous learning, development, and improvement opportunities…
  • Quantifying the ROI of employee engagement initiatives…
  • Empowering your team to be proactive and creative with their own solutions and ideas…
  • Supporting autonomy, accountability, and ownership to everyone on your team, at no matter what level…

… then I believe we would be a great fit, and together we can build a thriving, diverse, and exceptionally motivated company with engagement levels that directly impact the bottom line and contribute to being known as a top place to work, attracting top talent and retaining it for years upon years.

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