What if ALL you had to do... was show up for client calls or webinars, run masterminds, host podcasts, or speak from stages across the world?

What if everything else was taken off your plate, and you finally had time to focus on building your vision and reaching more people... without sacrificing the revenue from your established streams of income?

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Hi there! I’m Joyce Akiko

I work with creative visionaries

Business owners with brilliant ideas spilling out of them left and right

But no time to implement them

They’re high level. Their brain is up there and they don’t want to be bothered by the little details. They just want to hire people to handle that crap so they don’t need to worry about it.

Their DREAM world is for someone to say, “Hey! You have a client call on Tuesday and a webinar this Friday… and that’s all you have to do.

No more tiny details. No more prospects slipping through the cracks. No more panicked moments behind the scenes at the most crucial times when you have a professional business to run.

Does this sound like you?



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If your answer is HELL YES! ...Perfect.

You and I are yin and yang. I don't have a speck of creativity in me... but I love me some systems. Heck, I play with spreadsheets for fun. I'm 100% one of those "numbers" people. So your area of genius blows my mind.

But I'm the systems and tech fairy godmother, ready to wave my magic wand and fix everything up. With our super powers combined, you can focus on YOUR special brand of genius.

Being the creative visionary. Turning brilliant ideas into reality, and doing it all without sacrificing your client relationships or primary source of revenue... without feeling like you're spinning plates while riding a unicycle backwards. You really CAN "have it all".

Let me show you how.

The 90 Day Clean Up Crew

In 90 days, I’ll come into your business, take your systems and find all the inefficiencies and fix everything up into one beautiful, streamlined sales process…

 So ALL you have to do is show up for webinars, host podcasts, run masterminds, land speaking engagements… whatever YOU want to do to focus on your vision and reach more people. 

You don’t have to worry about anything else, because it’s cleaned up and automated. Simply done for you.

Here's a taste of what I'm talking about

Check out the two images below. Everything you see in RED… is manual work one of my clients was wasting time on

The image on the left is the BEFORE… when he first came to me. 

And the image on the right is the AFTER. I gave him a fully transformed sales process, in a step-by-step map that eliminated all his inefficiencies and included new, fully researched and custom implemented system automations to turn his business into a well-oiled machine.

He told me he just wanted to get on client calls, that’s it.

So I gave him exactly that.

Markup of 30 Day Clean Up Crew - Sales Process - After
Markup of 30 Day Clean Up Crew - Sales Process - After

Want YOUR business to look like the one on the right?

As part of the 30 Day, In and Out Clean Up Crew package, you get..

A tailor-made process map showing the exact steps of how to take your prospects and turn them into clients and raving fans… in the absolute, most efficient way possible, so all you have to do is show up for your calls.

You’ll find yourself with way less frustration, fewer days felt wasted by all the things you hate doing but you need to do, just to keep your business running…

Instead you’ll have actual time to focus on your ideas. New evergreen product? An online course? Mastermind group or retreat? Have at it. You now have the time to bring your ideas to life, without sacrificing your clients or current streams of revenue.

A fully researched, custom set of systems built specifically to automate the crap that’s sucking up your valuable time. You’ll be able to look at your systems and say, hey… it’s all set up! It’s so easy. 

Your scheduling system works with your google calendar, it’s hooked up to your mailchimp or activecampaign so you can capture more subscribers, it lets you set up custom funnels with automated emails and reminders… your landing pages and forms let your clients click through where your systems automatically take them to a page which is hooked up so they can pay, with automated follow up and welcome emails… 

Whatever your unique sales process looks like, you can be sure we’ll automate the crap out of it.

No more lost opportunities, prospects falling through the cracks, or panicked moments behind the scenes with the absolute worst timing. Instead, everything is taken care of. Simply done for you.

You can go from having a million things all over the place... OR you can work with me

If you want to take your systems from a bundle of crap to a streamlined sales process so you only have to get on your calls…

For a limited time, you can work with me, right now… and get a beautifully streamlined sales process with custom researched, built-for-you system automations.

The investment for your brand new, beautifully efficient and clean sales process that lets you ONLY get on calls with your clients… is $2,000. And, full disclosure: I’m only taking on 5 clients at this price point. After that, the price goes up to $5,000.

So if you want a completely transformed business where you have tons of time to focus all those ideas spilling out of that brilliant, creative and high level brain of yours…

You may want to get in on this deal now, before the price more than doubles and I start taking on fewer clients.



I could toot my own horn, but I'll let my clients speak for me..

I was in a tricky spot as a solo entrepreneur. My business had expanded and I was swimming in an old cumbersome system that wasn't working. I needed a new system custom built to suit my needs.

Joyce was a joy to work with on the project. She was so attentive to detail and mapped out an amazing visual workflow to help this right brained woman see how things would come together on the back end, in the fields.

Joyce helped me out of overwhelm and created a system that not only made my sales process easier and more efficient, but it visually showed me where the money was.
Chrissie DiAngelus
Marketing and Communications Coach
Joyce Akiko is the ultimate professional. Thanks to her expertise and energy, we've been able to make more progress and get more done in a high quality fashion than I even thought possible.

She's been able to point out opportunities that we would have missed, and to help us focus on the areas where the greatest return on investment can be achieved. It's a pleasure to work with her and we will certainly continue to do so!
Alan Preston
Founder, HR Manager and Coach
I can't remember the last time someone impressed me as immediately and as much as Joyce has. She is able to explain complex tasks to others who don't understand tech as well as she does. Joyce always contributes fantastic creative and practical ideas to keep us moving and improving. Plus, she's super-quick and organized in getting the work done. She is an absolute pleasure to have on the team.
Coreen Tossona
Freelance Copywriter and Marketing Coach
Joyce exudes professionalism from the moment you shake hands with her. She is prompt, easy to work with, and committed to success. Her practice is very focused; she is always clear about what is in her domain and what is not. I consider Joyce to be an important part of our extended team and I always enjoy working with her.
Chris DiFonzo
Strategy, Sales, and Innovation Consultant and Speaker
Joyce was professional, knowledgable and reliable and she made our processes very easy. Her attention to detail and hard working attitude were keys to making this project a success. I would highly recommend Joyce for any future projects.
Dan McClave
Owner and Entrepreneur, Fresh Healthy Philly

Picture this

You wake up in the morning, and you feel EXCITED. You smile, because all you have to do today… is check your calendar and see what calls you have coming up.

Everything else… sending follow ups so prospects don’t fall through the cracks, checking in on your subscribers to keep them engaged, emailing past clients to see if they want to work with you again or if they know anyone they can refer to you…

It’s all TAKEN CARE OF. 

Automated. Simply handled, simply done. Your business has a smooth, well-oiled machine keeping it running and a streamlined sales process so you can focus on what you really want to focus on.

You have tons of time on your hands. Time you can spend on the things you ENJOY, the things you always wished you had time for. 

You’re able to take all those ideas in your head… and PLAY

Sound good? Well… Welcome to your new world.


The investment for the keys to your new kingdom... is 3 monthly payments of $3,500.

If you choose to pay in full today, your price will only be $9,997

And, full disclosure... I am only taking on 3 clients at this price point... so you might want to get in on this before that price goes up to $12,000

Are you ready to completely transform your business so you have tons of time for what you REALLY want to do… whether it’s implementing new ideas, launching evergreen products, online courses, mastermind groups, or signature packages… or even just simplifying your life without sacrificing your clients or revenue?

Just hit the big orange button below to get started. You’ll have your custom tailored, beautifully efficient and automated sales process so you only have to show up for calls, and spend your new-found time building and playing with your abundance of brilliant, creative ideas that are just screaming to be let out.

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions

Pay with PayPal Credit or any major credit card

Click the orange button above to submit your payment. After that, you’ll get sent to a page where you can schedule a 90 minute, one-on-one Process Mapping Session with me. We will use every single minute to the fullest, by uncovering all the inefficiencies in your business so we can eliminate them ASAP! After that? I get to work! And 30 days from now, you have a brand-spanking-new, beautifully automated sales process.

While the majority of 30 Day Clean Up Crew projects complete in 30 days or fewer, I must provide a disclaimer for the rare occasions in which they do not. As such, I do not make any warranty or guarantee, whether express or implied, of any nature whatsoever, whether statutory, oral, written, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties described on this website.