Joyce Akiko

I am: analytical, flexible and adaptive, empathetic, self-aware, and my brain works in a combination of systems and procedures with high-touch human experience.

I am not: Someone who gives up easily on a complex project with a lot of moving parts and a bit of a mess that needs structure. In fact, those are some of my favorite projects.


A Japanese-American multi-race individual, I faced microaggressions and adversity, starting when I was a child and tried to “pass” in order to fit in. Growing up with a multicultural and multiracial background led to a special kind of discrimination– I am considered a minority in both my home countries and I have been denied roles at companies due to racial biases.

Over the past few years, I happily watched as traditional HR shifted to the People Ops landscape as diversity, equality, and inclusion became a greater priority, as well as strong, company cultures  team members are ALL-IN, excited, and passionate about their about their company’s mission, vision, goals and values– and so committed that they never want to leave.

I strongly advocate that everyone, no matter what race, ethnicity, identity, and any disabilities are all created equal, that they bring unique perspectives to the world, with access to opportunities.

Education, Credentials, and Volunteer Work

Along with my Master’s degree in Human Resources Development from Villanova, I have a Specialization in Culture-Driven Team Building from the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in Cognitive Psychology from Ithaca College.

Besides passing the requirements to become a Professional in Human Resources (PHR), I am also certified by Archetype Consulting in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and am accredited by the OKR Institute. I am also a Change Management Specialist from the Management and Strategy Institute and am certified in

I am a Professional Member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), focused on building a culture where employees and employers thrive together. I am also a member and volunteer of several DEI and culture-focused communities, such as E&Work, where we discuss how to center racial equity in a practical way for companies, and Hacking HR, where I am a member of the Team Building, People Tech, and Future of Work chapters.

I seek a long-term opportunity with company that values equality, diversity, and inclusion, is mission-driven, and committed to a vision that creates a better world.

Is that you?

If so, I am confident I can make a huge contribution to growing your team using over 10 years of experience in human resources, operations management strategy, team culture and DEI, and data-based decision-making with OKRs and KPIs.