Inclusive and Intentional Hiring for DEI

Diverse candidates bring skill sets and knowledge that balance a team and provide alternate perspectives. Writing job descriptions, interviewing, and writing up a contract can create problematic situations.

Here are ways to intentionally provide an inviting and inclusive environment for the hiring aspect of DEI and under-represented candidates:

  • Avoid gender-coded words in the job description, such as “crushing it”. These create subtle bias in job ads and alienate female-identifying candidates. Using gender-neutral language fills jobs 14 days faster than posts with a masculine or feminine bias, and attracts a more diverse mix of people
  • Include larger fonts and bold out fonts for individuals who have dyslexia or visual impairments
  • When interviewing candidates on Zoom, turn on the transcript for those who learn best by reading or have a disability
  • Expand your reach by posting job opportunities on sites such as:
  • Update your team page on the website to include preferred pronouns and develop a page on your dedication to DEI initiatives so that when candidates visit, they see an employer brand that showcases your diversity
  • Switch from cultural fit to cultural contribution

In Summary:

To attract and retain high-performing individuals regardless of their race or nationality, identity, age, disability, culture, or ethnicity, companies can be educated on best practices by:

  1. Recognizing Diversity
  2. Leveling the playing field
  3. Advocating for fair hiring practices
  4. Acknowledging your own areas of privilege

Now go forth and prosper with recruiting and hiring incredibly diverse, high-performance talent!


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