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Save 40 Hours a Month
VIP Workshop Day

Save 40 Hours a Month™ VIP and Workshop Day transforms your life and your business. Imagine having 40 hours a month freed up from interruptions so you could create more content, launch new courses, write a book, and bring all your big-picture, high level ideas to life– all while your business ran itself in the background without sacrificing revenue.

What would your business and your life look like if you had all those hours at your disposal, to be used in any way you choose?

During The 40 Hours of Freedom a Month VIP and Workshop Day, we spend 6 hours together laser-focused on identifying where your time is going so we can get it back. We deconstruct what can be wiped off your plate, delegated, or automated with systems. Once we structure your systems and operations so you aren’t needed in the day-to-day, we design a growth plan based on your goals so you can maintain and increase your blocks of freed-up time as your business scales to the next level.

This is for you if:

You feel so incredibly unfulfilled by what you do anymore. You long to feel free from the weight and worries about your business, the fires and frustrations. The overwhelming world you live in now, full of people to manage and tasks piling up like dirty dishes in the sink. You just want full freedom… to create, build, write, speak, do what you LOVE to do… the reason you started your business in the first place… but that freedom got lost between then and now.

You’re kept up at night already overwhelmed about the next day… instead of your dreams coming true, you’re worrying about the problems you have to fix tomorrow, all the tasks on your to-do list, all the stuff that’s piling up, the stuff that there’s never time to go back and fix or finish because something else will inevitably come up…

You are leveling up like CRAZY, suddenly you’re hitting goals out of the park like your first 6-figure month or 7-figure year… and the growing pains are hitting you where it hurts the most– your time. Suddenly you’re outgrowing everything: you need to hire new team members, train and manage them, get new systems… It’s a blessing and a curse because all your time is now wrapped up in handling all the things. Overwhelm is through the roof, and everywhere you turn, there’s something else sucking up your time!

Systems and Automation Implementation

With Systems and Automation Implementation, transform your world from stitched-together systems that were thrown together during your startup days and no longer serve you as you scale… to a rock-solid systems foundation free of systems fires that leave you scrambling to fix them at the last minute, or systems that just plain aren’t the right fit for you.

You get the absolute best systems based on your specific business goals and needs, and just like everything I do for you– they are built to scale with your 6 and 12 month vision of your dream business… and beyond. Then I implement everything, including integrations and automations so all your systems talk together and simply work. 


This is for you if:

You are leveling up like CRAZY, suddenly you’re hitting goals out of the park like your first 5 or 6-figure month… and you’ve totally outgrown your systems. You’re scaling fast and you KNOW you’re ready for the high-level systems that run a 7-figure business!
A “systems expert” threw a bunch of systems together when you hired them…and left you confused about what was going on and how to use them! Then, when you try finding the right system for you (after wasting all that time and money on this “expert”), you’re overwhelmed by all the choices and waste time, getting frustrated and confused trying to find the Right One for you…
You’re disappointed and hate the systems you have… you can’t put your finger on it, but it’s just not right for you. Maybe it’s overwhelming as hell because it has WAY too many features than you even need. But it’s “good enough” and plugs that hole of “well I know I need a CRM or PM system…”. So you sign up for it, but hate logging into it, so now you’re just paying for something that sits around, eating potato chips on your couch and doing absolutely nothing while you’re paying the bills?

On-Demand Systems and Operations Consulting

As your Systems and Operations Consultant,  you get 10+ years of expertise managing everything behind the scenes so your business operates without you involved in the day-to-day. 

Say goodbye to getting calls about fires and experiencing frantic, heart-pounding moments of sh*t hitting the fan, running around and scrambling because something went wrong during a crucial moment, constantly getting interrupted by questions from your team and needing to fix their mistakes or re-do their work… and say hello to being the CEO. Fully free to create content, write books, show up on webinars and masterminds, and speak from stages across the world while someone else handles the back-end for you.


This is for you if:

You’re sick of managing the day-to-day and ready to put the overwhelm and frustration to rest, in exchange for full freedom to do what you do best. You want somebody else to just handle everything for you while you use your time creating the life of your dreams and bringing your message to the world instead of getting stuck in the details and the weeds.
You’re ready to upgrade from a VA or OBM wrangling the most important systems and processes that run your business to someone on your team 100% dedicated to managing your systems and operations, saving you AND your team tons of time to double down on actual revenue-generating activities.
You know you’ll need new systems and new team members to hire as keep scaling like crazy and you don’t even want to deal with THAT whole can of worms… you want to slide into the next level with ease, without the growing pains you had in the past, and now you CAN because someone else is managing your team, operations, and systems. Everything handled for you now– handled from now and to the next level and beyond.

Find out how I can help you move faster, work less, and make more using systems and workflow strategy. Contact me!

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