What if you got paid while you slept, with students regularly signing up for your online course?

What if you woke up to an inbox crammed with payment confirmations ALL the time?
WITHOUT the stressful, panicked month leading up to a big launch?

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Hi there! I’m Joyce Akiko

 I work with business owners like you, with an online course that’s ready to take on the world.

And you’re sick of big launches

You have a course to deliver. It’s crammed with videos and worksheets. You spent hours making it. You know it can make a huge impact, if you had enough students.

But when it comes to Launch Time… you’re suddenly in an all-consuming month crammed with crunch time, and you’re doing everything in your power to get enough students to buy.

There’s no consistency in a course-launch revenue model. You know that, even as you work desperately with every tool in your toolbox, every webinar and email blast with a pitch to your amazing program… that your launch cash-flow is completely unpredictable. 

Does this sound like you?



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If your answer is YES! ...Perfect.

I'm here to take that online course of yours, then use systems and automation to turn that course into an evergreen product that is consistently selling and bringing in new money and students, without the stress and frantic spikes of panic and worry.

With the right tools and systems, your online program can predictably pump out sales and get more students to sign up and buy... without feeling like you're spinning plates while riding a unicycle backwards, constantly checking your inbox for new sals as the Close Cart deadline moves closer... just hoping you'll get enough sales during the launch for that brand new course that you poured your heart and soul into.

Let me show you how.

The 30 Day Clean Up Crew

The 30 Day SOP Clean Up Crew package is THE best way to clean up messy, inconsistent processes (like 2-month long employee onboarding, yuck!) and get a squeaky clean, structured and RELIABLE, REPEATABLE procedure so you can move faster without giving it a second thought.

Do you want PREDICTABLE cash flow, with time freed up to do what you really want to do… whether that’s throwing a mastermind, hosting a podcast, or speaking from stages across the world.

Here's a taste of what I'm talking about

Check out the two images below. Everything you see in RED… is manual work that my client’s team was wasting time on. 

The image on the left is the BEFORE… when she first came to me. 

And the image on the right is the AFTER. I came in, cleaned up everything, made it squeaky clean and streamlined… then put all her online program materials and promo content into a beautiful, streamlined, “done for you” systems setup, transforming her program from super stressful launches… to a cleaned up, beautifully automated and evergreen online course that people can register and pay for AT ANY TIME..

She told me she just wanted to promote the program with webinars, that’s it.

So I gave her exactly that.

Manual Course Launch vs Evergreen Launch - Dry Run
Manual Course Launch vs Evergreen Launch - Evergreen

Check put all those green boxes on the right, showcasing the automations that became possible from working with me.

Want YOUR online program look like the one on the right?

As part of Press Play and Walk Away, you will get..

A complete, highly detailed visual of your current launch system… and a mapped-out vision of your new, evergreen program (that requires NO stressful launch!)

This visual alone will save you a MASSIVE amount of time and give you a solid bird’s eye of your current launch processes (getting you out of the weeds, where you absolutely do not belong!).This will also get all your team members on the same page… and lets you know who you can get rid of, and who can work on new, more efficient projects to focus on creating your evergreen product online and making it a huge success.

I’ll add ALL your EXISTING promo AND online program content, including but not limited to: email copy, webinar replays, follow up emails, worksheets, etc… and automate them in your marketing system so everything goes out in a smooth, polished manner (no more things slip ups or panicked moments behind the scenes when you have a PROFESSIONAL business to run!)

I will create automatic reminders for your attendees, whether they’re signing up for webinars, events, 1-on-1 coaching calls, or podcast guests to drastically improve your attendant show-up rate.

These reminders (depending on the system you use) can even be customized based on whether they registered or did not attend… so you can retarget them in the future, without losing leads!

Last but not least, I will give you suggested system recommendations to further automate and make your launch even more evergreen

If you choose to implement new systems to make your evergreen program even MORE of a success, you will receive a white-glove concierge service, with specific systems for chosen specifically for– not just your evergreen launch– but your vision and business goals as well.

You can have crazy stressful, nerve-racking program launches... OR you can work with me

If you want to take your online course and turn it into a money-churning, constant student-loving machine.. I got your back.

For a limited time, you can work with me, right now… and get a beautifully streamlined evergreen product with custom researched, built-for-you system automations.

All you have to do is simply promote your program through your favorite outlets. Whether it’s podcasting, webinars, retreats, masterminds, or 1-on-1 coaching… you can focus on the activities that light you up, and mention that you have an online program to boot. The rest is taken care of with your new automated systems!

The investment for your brand new, beautifully efficient and NON-LAUNCH evergreen program… is $2,000. And, full disclosure: I’m only taking on 5 clients at this price point. After that, the price goes up to $5,000.

You may want to get in on this deal now, before the price more than doubles and I start taking on fewer clients.


I could toot my own horn, but I'll let my clients speak for me..

I was in a tricky spot as a solo entrepreneur. My business had expanded and I was swimming in an old cumbersome system that wasn't working. I needed a new system custom built to suit my needs.

Joyce was a joy to work with on the project. She was so attentive to detail and mapped out an amazing visual workflow to help this right brained woman see how things would come together on the back end, in the fields.

Joyce helped me out of overwhelm and created a system that not only made my sales process easier and more efficient, but it visually showed me where the money was.
Chrissie DiAngelus
Marketing and Communications Coach
Joyce Akiko is the ultimate professional. Thanks to her expertise and energy, we've been able to make more progress and get more done in a high quality fashion than I even thought possible.

She's been able to point out opportunities that we would have missed, and to help us focus on the areas where the greatest return on investment can be achieved. It's a pleasure to work with her and we will certainly continue to do so!
Alan Preston
Founder, HR Manager and Coach
I can't remember the last time someone impressed me as immediately and as much as Joyce has. She is able to explain complex tasks to others who don't understand tech as well as she does. Joyce always contributes fantastic creative and practical ideas to keep us moving and improving. Plus, she's super-quick and organized in getting the work done. She is an absolute pleasure to have on the team.
Coreen Tossona
Freelance Copywriter and Marketing Coach
Joyce exudes professionalism from the moment you shake hands with her. She is prompt, easy to work with, and committed to success. Her practice is very focused; she is always clear about what is in her domain and what is not. I consider Joyce to be an important part of our extended team and I always enjoy working with her.
Chris DiFonzo
Strategy, Sales, and Innovation Consultant and Speaker
Joyce was professional, knowledgable and reliable and she made our processes very easy. Her attention to detail and hard working attitude were keys to making this project a success. I would highly recommend Joyce for any future projects.
Dan McClave
Owner and Entrepreneur, Fresh Healthy Philly

Picture this

You wake up in the morning, and you feel EXCITED. You smile, because all you have to do today… is check your calendar and see what calls you have coming up. 

Everything else… rushing to write promo emails for your online product, wishing you started months beforehand so maybe you wouldn’t be half as stressed, watching the clock tick as it comes down to the wire…

No more of that. It’s all TAKEN CARE OF. 

Automated. Simply handled, simply done. Your business has a smooth, well-oiled machine keeping your online program running, and a streamlined sales process so you can focus on what you really want to focus on.

You have tons of time on your hands. Time you can spend on the things you ENJOY, the things you always wished you had time for. 

You’re able to take all those ideas in your head… and PLAY

Sound good? Well… Welcome to your new world.


The investment for the keys to your beautiful, newly automated online program... is only $2,000 (or 2 monthly payments of $1,500)

And, full disclosure... I am only taking on 5 clients at this price point... so you might want to get in on this before that price goes up to $5,000

Are you ready to completely transform your business so your online program is running on automations, so you can make money as you s sleep while new customers and clients are signing up overnight?

Are you ready to simply focus on YOUR special brand of getting your voice out into the world, and reaching more people… whether it’s through launching masterminds and retreats, running monthly group memberships, hosting podcasts?

Just hit the big orange button below to get started. You’ll have your custom tailored, beautifully efficient and automated evergreen program so you only have to spend your new-found time building and playing with your abundance of brilliant, creative ideas that are just screaming to be let out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements for us to work together?

You need to use Google Apps or Gmail for your email and calendar. You also need– or are open to getting– an online marketing system that allows automation, such as ConvertKit, Ontraport, or Mailchimp (I do not, however, work with Infusionsoft). I can recommend a new system if yours happens to be incompatible.

You will need, at a minimum: a complete online program with all the videos, worksheets, etc. hosted on a system (such as Teachable, Thinkific, or Udemy), 2-5 promotional emails for your program (written and ready to go) and a welcome email for new students. I highly recommend that you have promotional webinar replay links as well. In fact, the more materials you can give me that relate to promoting your course, the better!


Do you write email copy or do any design work?

My area of expertise is in systems and automation– I do not write sales or promotional copy. I also do not do any design work. If you need referrals to awesome people who are taking new clients, I will be more than happy to make an introduction.

Can you build my automation WHILE I work on creating my course?

If you are in the process of developing your course, or promoting it for the very first time (ex. hosting your first sales webinars), I would be happy to discuss a custom quote option where we work together on a longer term project where we take your online course from concept to full implementation in an automated, evergreen format. Simply click here to email me and ask about this option.


Get all the materials to do it yourself.
$ 497 Per month, for 2 months
  • Get your hands on the videos and step-by-step worksheets so you can set up all the systems you need to take your course evergreen

The Done For You

I'll simply take care of everything for you.
$ 2997 Per month, for 2 months
  • I will put in ALL the systems you need to take your course evergreen... and automate them to the teeth so you don't have to worry about a thing.
  • I'll take your existing online course and email marketing systems then simplify, streamline, and automate them so you can focus on what YOU do best... instead of feeling confused or overwhelmed.
  • That course you've worked so hard to build will now be evergreen: consistently bringing in revenue, even while you sleep... without any big, stressful, time consuming launches with zero predictable cash flow.

The Done WITH You

Get 5, 1-on-1 Implementation calls, 2 hours each
$ 1497 Per month, for 2 months
  • Get your hands on the videos and step-by-step worksheets so you can set up all the systems you need to take your course evergreen.
  • Hop on 5, one-on-one video calls with me, while I personally walk you through the systems and processes for 2 hours per call so we can work together to create a seamless evergreen course.
I do not offer any express warranty of a specific timeframe for delivery; a timeframe may change due to a number of variables. These variables include, but are not limited to: delayed communication times from clients or service support providers, unforeseen issues due to system configuration options, downtime, bugs, limitations,  integration capacities, or extenuating circumstances that are outside the control of either client, third party system or vendor, or myself.
Please note that all process maps, project plans, and system diagrams may be subject to change based on system configurations, integrations, and unforeseen system limitations during the course of our project(s) together.