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HR versus People Operations

In the early days of HR, the focus was on maintaining order and discipline within the workplace. This meant that employees were often treated more like machines than people, and they were expected to work long hours with little rest or breaks. As the business world has evolved, however, the focus of HR has shifted from maintaining the discipline to supporting and ...

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Building a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

What can you do to form a bridge between inclusion and belonging within your organization? One where every individual, no matter what background or identity feels safe, seen, and heard? In my previous post on the importance of creating a culture of belonging, we looked at the current data on how a lack of inclusion and belonging can hit the bottom line, and how ...

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Why “Belonging” Matters in Your DEI Strategies

Inclusion and belonging, simply put, means being a part of a company culture that invites people to be themselves: one that encourages anyone to feel comfortable by providing an environment in which people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and disabilities feel safe in bringing their ideas and whole selves to work.  In an intentionally built, DEI-embraced ...

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