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Joyce is an absolute ninja when it comes to systems, processes, and organization for your business. When she’s part of the team you feel like your business can accomplish anything.

She’s helped me exponentially in a short time understand where I was bottlenecking myself and my team. My company was losing unnecessary revenue that I couldn’t see and wasting a lot of time we couldn’t get back. That was all quickly turned around with the insights from Joyce’s expertise.

My company now has a rock-solid foundation to scale from and that feels so empowering. Thank you, Joyce for your support, dedication, and caring so deeply about helping the health of my company.

– Tiffany Julie,

Certified High Performance Coach

Joyce is extraordinary. She’s a genius at systems and workflows to make things easy-peasy in your business and keep you as the CEO. It’s so clear that Joyce has a brilliance in the left side of the brain (making it much easier for right side of the brain visionaries to do what they love best!).

But what else do I love about Joyce besides her expertise? She’ll get as enthusiastic about the tasks you DON’T like to do in your business as you get about all the things you absolutely LOVE and want to do more of. If you need Joyce to clean up your systems so that you can be the CEO of your business – all that high-level fun stuff!– she’s your girl! Hop on a call with you, and she won’t disappoint!

– Francesca Woltanski,

Life Coach and High Achieving Women’s Advocate

I spent way more money over two years than I will ever admit to anyone but the IRS trying to solve this problem. Business owners, learn from my mistakes!
I hired 4 project managers, a business architect, a systems strategist, business coaches and no one actually helped my company create new processes that made our clients happier or our team more productive.

Most of it relied on me to implement everything. I was already in meetings for 6-8 hours a day. I was giving up my entire evening every night to try to piece together something I was advised to do. I started resenting the people I hired to fix my processes because I was so frustrated with all talk and no results.

Then, Joyce Akiko was referred to me. Everything changed. She took all the pieces and then built them back as a solid foundation. Each day I noticed things being done by my team that I truly was no longer a part of. They were fully on their own in a process they were excited about because they were the ones who had a say in how that process was created, not some overlord consultant coming in and forcing it on them. It was a beautiful thing.

– Cara Parrish,

CEO of Cara Parrish Marketing
and Founder of Podcara

“Thank you thank you thank you, so much, and I have to say that working with you has been such a joy, it is so nice to have someone else do all the work in this project with zero headspace on my end…
like that’s the main reason I love working with you, besides your genius, Is that I can trust you 100% and I don’t have to keep track of things.

First, I know that if you say something then you will do it, and second I know you will have looked into every possible option and pick the best one for me, so I don’t have to think, ok should we perhaps do it like this… or do it like that… oh my god this has been such a joy to work with you.

– Alp Turan,

Marketing Strategist

Before my call with Joyce, I felt like I needed clarity and direction. I had some systems in place but I wasn’t sure if I was on the right track. During my call with Joyce I felt incredibly pumped up, like I had the world’s best cheerleading me. I felt seen, heard and validated.

Most of all, I felt like I had someone with real expertise supporting me to go to the next level. After my call with Joyce I felt confident and had a clear plan of action. I knew what needed to be done… what was working well, and what could use some improvement!

I walked away with 5-6 big takeaways from just one hour with Joyce, including how to organize my inbox, delegate and communicate with my team, and streamline my workflows and systems.

– Cora Geroux,

Host of The Teaching Yoga Podcast
and Founder of The Teachers Club