Scale with Systems and Support

Help more people and make a bigger impact while working fewer hours

Are you a small business owner who started a company for the freedom it promised, but then found yourself working long hours, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, and getting bogged down in the tiny details?

Take a moment and remember what it felt like when you first started your business. The thrill of it, how terrifying it was to take that leap into the unknown– yet you did it! You started a company all by yourself. And at first it was so incredible, so fulfilling… but now you’re wiped out and frustrated. Things just aren’t as exciting as they used to be.

What if you could just focus on what you want to do and not worry about the rest, while still making money and an impact on other people’s lives?

What if you had scalable systems that played nice together– even if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy? If you had repeatable processes that give you reliable and consistent results? If you made your first hire, someone who took all the detailed off your plate so you could have hours back in your day? 

All of this is possible for you. 

I know it is, because I’ve made it happen for both myself and for companies with teams from 1 to 4,000.

My name is Joyce Akiko and I’m am an expert in business operations and talent solutions.

Over the past 12+ years, I’ve learned from a vast collection of business coaches, 6 and 7-figure self-made mentors, online courses developed by some of the best in their field, and more books on business and self-development than I can count. 

In my first year of running a consulting business, I brought in over 6-figures of revenue with just a Virtual Assistant by my side. I owe everything I know to all the teachers I met along the way, and my favorite mantra as coined by Marie Forleo: everything is figureoutable. 

Today I help visionary entrepreneurs and small business owners scale their companies with systems, automation, and high-performing team members who free up time and take care of the details. If you ever read the book Rocket Fuel— I’m an Integrator, through and through.

I’ve worked with companies across a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Online Course Creators
  • Business and Life Coaches
  • Yoga Studios
  • Photographers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Recruiting Agencies
  • Tech Startups
  • Event Planners
  • Franchise Owners
  • Personality Assessment Developers
  • IT Service Management Companies
  • and many, many more.

Whatever your area of expertise, I am here to help you elevate your business to the next level.

Core Values That I Uphold

and bring to the table

Building and championing a company culture of continuous learning, collaboration, accountability, and transparency so you can attract and retain top performing talent.

Creating solutions that gain back time for activities that move the needle and make a difference through systems and automation, repeatable processes, and effective delegation .

Designing scalable systems (that talk to each other as seamlessly as possible) out of the duct-tape and scaffolding that served you for years, but you've since outgrown.